Q-Switched Laser Tattoo Removal

Zero ink uses a state of the art Q-Switched Nd:YAG tattoo removal machine. 1064nm & 532nm laser for the removal of multi-coloured, professional or amateur tattoos.


Many new companies in Southampton are advertising very low prices but are using very cheap lasers or even IPL machines which are used for other treatments such as laser hair removal.

These machines struggle to effectively break down the tattoo pigment unless turned up significantly which may lead to side effects such as being scarred or burned.

Always ask the company you choose to perform laser treatment what type of machine they will be using on your tattoo.

The Process

The laser will direct energy at the ink in the tattoo for a fraction of a second in quick pulses. The light energy specifically targets the pigment on the tattoo ink deep in the dermis layer.

As the ink absorbs this light energy, the ink breaks down into smaller particles which is then evacuated from the body through normal immune response. As the ink particles are removed, the tattoo begins to fade.


We’ll run through your past and current medical history as some medical conditions and some medications can cause complications with laser treatment such as pigmentation issues. There are some uncommon but important side effects you need to know about and we’ll discuss these.

We will talk about what you are looking to get out of your tattoo removal sessions whether that is reducing for a tattoo cover up or a complete removal of all or part of the tattoo.

We will measure your tattoo and tell you how much it will be per session. See our pricing page here and We will also give you an idea of how many sessions we think you will need depending on your goals.

Patch Test

After initial consultation we will conduct a test patch. This is important as it will give an idea of how you may react to ongoing sessions.

We will patch test several spots on each different colour in the tattoo so we can find the perfect settings for your tattoo which in the long run will save you time and money.

Consultation and test patch usually takes around 30 minutes.

Full Treatment

We will review your tattoo from the patch test and then move onto full treatment which should last no more than 30 minutes but is usually as quick as 5 minutes for smaller tattoos.

Your skin will feel like sunburn after treatment but using our aftercare product it will settle it down very quickly. Full aftercare instructions will be given.

We will then book in your following session for 6 weeks later dependent on any holidays or trips you may have.

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