About us

How it all started

The journey all started with my own tattoo that I got when I was 16. I hated it and wanted it removed or at least faded to be covered for a new sleeve.

At the time there wasn’t many options in Southampton for places that performed tattoo removal. I found a local tattoo shop that charged £50 each session as that was the minimum charge. 3 sessions later and £150 down not much had happened.

So off I went to research and discovered blue ink is impossible to remove without a Ruby machine which they didn’t have and clearly just wanted the money rather caring about me as a customer.

I knew I could bring an open and honest service at half the price of other places in Southampton and that’s when Zero ink was born!!

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We could have our own shop with bigger overheads and therefore higher prices but to keep costs low we just perform our treatments out of a small beauty room upstairs in a local salon Focus 36 which is in a convenient accessible part of Woolston.

If you have any questions question whatsoever then please do not hesitate to contact us

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