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“Highly professional company who really do take time with their clients to talk through procedures to obtain optimum results. Cannot recommend enough. Best Tattoo Removal in Southampton”
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Laser Tattoo Removal Southampton

Zero ink Tattoo Removal has quickly established itself as Southampton’s Number 1 Laser Tattoo Removal specialist.

Remove that tattoo you hate. Complete removal or fade for a cover up.

Offering treatments from only £30 per session

Based in Woolston, Southampton.

Frequently Asked Tattoo Removal Questions

State of the art Q-Switched Lasers are used to direct energy at the tattoo ink. As the ink absorbs this light energy it will break down into smaller particles and the body’s natural immune system will flush out the particles. As the ink particles are removed, the tattoo begins to fade.

Experiences vary but most would describe it as a ‘stinging’ sensation – like the snap of an elastic band against the skin. Fortunately, the discomfort does decrease as treatment progresses and the tattooing fades. Numbing cream can be used to help with any discomfort

The number of sessions it takes to remove a tattoo depends on a multitude of factors such as skin tone, location of tattoo, ink colours, age and the individual’s immune system. People interested in lightening a tattoo for a cover up will require fewer sessions, typically around 3.

Modern lasers can give fantastic results but there are no guarantees. There are too many variables that can determine whether a tattoo can be fully removed or not. Black ink is the easiest to remove and colours such as green and light blue are the hardest. During the consultation we will discuss your goals and set realistic expectations.

Not normally, it is very unusual to develop any scarring but it is a possibility, especially if the aftercare instructions are not followed. The low pulse width of our state of the art laser reduces the risk of scarring

Yes. Our lasers are very accurate. We can take the face off your pin up girl to have it redone or take just the name off pieces or remove misspelt letters

These are the most commonly asked questions by all of our amazing customers.
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How much does it cost?

Test Patch & Consultation £20
Very Small (Up to 3cm) £30
Small (Up to 8cm) £50
Medium (Up to 12cm) £60
Large (Up to 17cm) £70
Very Large (Up to 25cm) £80

Discounts available for pre payment of multiple sessions. 24 hour notice is required to move or cancel an appointment or deposit will be lost.

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Customer Testimonials

five-star HomePage
“I will be on my 4th session and really pleased with the results so far. Friendly service and knows his stuff. Highly recommend”
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five-star HomePage
“Great work, great guy, and the best customer service you could ask for goes above and beyond and you can’t beat his prices!!”
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